Breakfast is served on the veranda. All year round, you can enjoy breakfast while admiring the views over the garden and listening to birdsong ensuring you the perfect start to your day.

Breakfast includes Léonie’s home-baked madeleines, brioche or cake served with her delicious homemade jams - raspberry, gooseberry, blackcurrant, strawberry - all made with organically grown fruit hand-picked by Jean-Louis.

Tasty, fresh bread is sourced at the local baker, who recently set up in Dompierre.

Of course, you can enjoy homemade eggs and bacon and scones !


Room prices include breakfast.


Chambres  d'Hôtes de La Jarrie

 Jean-louis et Léonie Muller

4, La Jarrie



02 51 62 58 57 / 06 22 78 36 03